Monday, June 10, 2013

Crafty Things: Apron that actually does its job!

So I decided that today was my day. I was so sick and tired of every time i clean the kitchen or cook something im wearing an apron...but my clothes are still getting soiled! I started forming this nasty habit of slouching when doing dishes because i didnt want my shirt to touch the sink and get wet! Doing this caused me back pain -- so i decided enough was enough. I found some left over fabric from past projects, and an old shower curtain, and thus - THIS AWESOME APRON WAS BORN! Now i have an apron that actually serves its purpose; and I Love it!! Ok so its not PERFECT...i didnt measure a thing i just kind of threw it together...but imperfect is just fine with me. It gives it character and everyone will know its miiiiiine =)

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