Thursday, August 15, 2013

Beta Fish Breeding

So my husband and i have a couple Beta fish. I grew up around fish, so i knew that when a male Beta makes bubbles at the top of the water, the bubbles are for him to put eggs in. So naturally, when my male beta that we call "Mr. Bubbles" started making bubbles, my husband and i went on over to the store and got a female. Well to be completely honest we got a male because i wasnt paying attention and had to go back later and get a female. If you don't know, the females are "ugly". They have small dainty fins and they typically are whitish and not very colorful. The males are big and beautiful. So we put the female in a glass jar and let it float in the top of the water so the male could get used to her and not kill her right away (If you don't know, male betas are very aggressive and will kill any fish they come near). After a day we let her loose, and he beat her up. I couldn't watch. I understand it's the circle of life but the circle of life didn't put them together, I yesterday when i went to go check on them, they were doing the "baby dance". Basically after chasing her and nipping at her and tearing her up, he will wrap his body around her and "squeeze" her and her eggs will fall out. He will then get the eggs and put them in the bubbles and take care of them. He will eventually kill her so when i saw they weren't "dancing" anymore, she was very stressed out... i finally just took her out so she could live. Now if/when these babies come i have no idea what i'm going to do with them, but i will definitely have to separate them once they get a little older, since the males are so aggressive. Check out the "baby dance" ...Yes i got it on camera! Yes, really! Live FISH PORN! I was totally a peeping Tom throughout the dance but i was fascinated.

  Edited to add: WHen reading I learned that if the babies are together from birth+ they wont be aggressive towards eachother. I put the babies in a large tank, and I am waiting to see if that is true. It would be more than awesome to have a large tank full of bettas. Right now they are too small to take pics of, but I will definitely add pics of the babies sooN!

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