Friday, September 27, 2013

Fabric Softener the right way.

I am a big vinegar person. I put it on everything and use it in everything. Here is a huge money saving tip for fabric softener.

Buy some vinegar. Seriously, you can never go wrong with it. It has SO many uses and it's dirt cheap.
$3.58 for a 2 gallon pack at Sam's Club. 
Get some conditioner. Any kind will work, and you can get VO5 for cents during sales. I have a whole case upstairs that I will not use on my hair, so needless to say I have a lifetime supply of fabric softener.

Mix 2 Cups conditioner, 3 Cups vinegar, and 6 Cups warm water.
I mixed my ingredients in this old Coffee Creamer bottle. I like it because it has a hand pump (score!)

Most people use an old dryer sheet over and over again with this. I took an old shirt, cut it up, bleached letters into it, and I keep it in the dryer. I recommend making two of these handy dryer sheets because its a pain in the butt to have to search through a hot load of clothes fresh out the dryer to find your ONE fabric sheet in order to start a new load.

Here is my fancy pancy "Bleach Pen". Its actually a little jewel that's supposed to hold water. It has a roller at the end to rub on envelopes...Yeah it was definitely more useful to me this way.