Monday, September 9, 2013

GENIUS school lunch for kids

I saw this floating around on Facebook. So many times, I see so many recipes and great ideas and i so badly wish there is a link to Pinterest so I can pin it, bit theres not! Pinterest doesnt let you Pin from Facebook (for good reason) so i find myself reluctantly allowing myself to let go of that awesome recipe. Many of them say "repost this to save it to your wall for later". That sounds great...but later would never come. I blog. This means that at all times im going going going never looking back. I would never find that post again. Matter of fact, I would probably forget about it before I even go to sleep tonight. Anyway, I couldnt find the direct source, (If you are it let me know here) but I saw this and thought that it was SUCH a great idea, that I have to take the time to create a POST and PIN for it. Here is the information i could scrounge up.

Take these bins and fill them with assorted foods/food groups. They can pick whatever they want from each bin, as long as it's the minimum amount written on it to keep it balanced!
No more arguing and they get their wish - no more sandwiches!!!
Now, all I have to do is keep the bins stocked!

Bin 1 - popcorn or veggie straws (I'll mix it up with what they call "junk food")
Bin 2 - goldfish, rice and ritz crackers (again, I'll mix them up but they don't have to have the same thing everyday)
Bin 3 - fruit to go and fruit & veggie source bars
Bin 4 - fruit cups and apple sauces (will do fresh fruit most often, but good back up and with 3 kids liking all different fruit, this is my compromise)
Bin 5 - cheese strings, babybell cheese an yogurt tubes. Again will mix it up with yoplait drinks and diced regular cheeses I have)
Bin 6 - Meat & veggies. The hardest one as all three kids are not big meat eaters! Here I have turkey lunchmeat rolled up, turkey pepperettes (Costco) and carrots or cucs from our garden! I will do hard boiled eggs or leftover diced chicken breasts from supper too!
Bin 7 - will be granola bars, banana muffins or cookies!

How cool is this?


  1. I absolutely love this!!! Thanks!!

    1. Not sure if you got my reply. I love it as well, wish i could take credit for it :D