Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Boost of 250 Likes? Here's the test!


So I heard that BoostLikes.com is doing a promotion for free likes that are NOT BOTS. From what I gather in my reading on their site, they basically advertise you until you get your 250 likes, then stop. THey can do thing for thousands of likes as well if you choose to pay. Im giving them a try. It says no free sites like blogger or wordpress, but im assuming they mean if blogger/wordpress is in your website URL. Im not sure though. Here is the some info straight from their site:

Step 1
Write about Boostlikes on your blog (no free blogs like Blogger.com or Wordpress.com). Your article does not have to be centered around Boostlikes if you do not wish; a simple mention within your article is just fine! Feel free to link back to our website if you choose.
Step 2
Fill out the form below so we can see where you published your article and where to send your 250 Facebook likes to. Please only submit once per website.
Step 3
You're all done! Sit back and watch your likes add up. Please allow 4-7 days for your submission to be processed.

Anyone else had experience with them?


These "LIKES" Did NOT stick forever. When Facebook did their cleanout of bot Facebook pages, many of these were wiped from my page. Many of the "Names" of these likers were symbols, and they all are from overseas and not speaking english. Poor, poor service. I wrote the company with my concerns and they told me to pay them money. I wrote them back again with no response. Very disappointed.


  1. This is interesting! I have not heard of this service. I wonder if there is a catch? I will be interested to hear about your experience if you give them a try!

    Thanks for sharing at Wine'd Down Wednesday! I hope to see you again next week!

    1. Hi Kristin,
      I did receive the Likes on the same day however they were all hispanic. Im not sure that they speak english and they do not interact with my page, so I feel it was a waste. I voiced my concern to the company and they offered a US only promotion, but I had to pay for it.

    2. Also many of their names were symbolized. I would never pay for likes though, for the record =)