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NeriumAD Review and Giveaway

A friend of mine, Becca over at Southern Mess Moms has a NeriumAD Review and Giveaway that she is hosting! Below is her product review, and a chance for you to enter to get some for yourself!
Here is what Becca says:


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Have you heard about Nerium Age Defying creams?

Don’t look at me like that!
I’m not saying your old…or that I am…I’m just asking a simple question! hehe
Okay, so maybe I wasn’t THRILLED with the thought that I am at a point in my life where I need to start thinking about Age Defying creams and such I mean come on let’s be serious…who is happy about that? 
But…while I don’t have many wrinkles now I honestly didn’t realize I had the one I had until I started taking pictures for this :(  I need to get started preventing them if I want it to stay that way!
Anyways…moving on with the purpose of this post!

What is NeriumAD?

Well, according to their website:
” NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment is a true breakthrough in anti-aging skincare that harnesses the patent-pending NAE-8 Extract from the Nerium oleander plant.
The NAE-8 Extract, in conjunction with other synergistic, age-defying ingredients, is responsible for the creation of real results. This powerful formula allows NeriumAD to address multiple concerns at once.”
Okay, I totally know what you are thinking…
YEAH RIGHT! I’ve tried so called anti-aging products before and they all end up the same!
Very little if any results!
And the images most companies show as “real people’s results” are just laughable! It is so easy to see that it isn’t the same person…or that they were “crinkling” their forehead to make it look like massive results…well I am here to try and give you REAL results…
I was even willing to take pictures of myself WITH NO MAKEUP! Seriously guys…do you know the sacrifice I am making for you guys here!
NeriumAD before

Okay…there you have it! My before pictures!

What I didn’t tell you is that I have had this product for a week now! That’s right guys…I have some pictures to see if there have been any changes!
Now, before I show you the 7 day pictures let me do a little explaining…
I am using the Day cream and the Night cream. I have been using NeriumAD for a total of 7 days! I know that the pictures aren’t exactly the same…I tried my best to get the same lighting and positions…but it isn’t easy!
I have followed the instructions very carefully when applying.
With the Night Treatment you are supposed to wash your face and then apply 4-5 pumps I have only been using 3-4…5 was a LOT for me to your damp face and neck. It takes it a minute or two to soak in. In the morning you just rinse it off and apply the day cream as you would any other daily moisturizer.
Just a little note: Your face will feel tight after you put on the night treatment. It almost felt like I had put on a clay mask and forgot to take it off lol! However, this tightening sensation only lasted about 20 minutes with me. Then my face felt normal!
Okay…no more stalling…here are my 7 days of NeriumAD pictures:
NeriumAD resultsNeriumAD resultsNeriumAD results
I will be doing another post at the end of the month to announce our winner for the giveaway and put up my 30 day results pictures! Fingers crossed that we see even more amazing results!
Even if I hadn’t seen these changes I could have said some pretty positive things about the Day cream for sure!
How many of you moms put on your makeup at the beginning of the day…just to have it disappear before lunch time!
Well, guess what?!? Since I started putting on the NeriumAD day cream before my concealer/base it stays on! I am actually WASHING IT OFF AT NIGHT!
I haven’t had to do that in … well… I can’t remember when! lol
Another perk that I have noticed is that my face feels very soft and healthy. I know that when you use things like this there is always a chance of a break out or two since it has an antioxidant in it that is cleaning out your pores. However, I didn’t notice any at all.
If you are curious about NeriumAD and want to get in on some pretty awesome customer perks check this out:
The Day Cream Promotion: If any Preferred customer signs up with BOTH the day & night creams and have it auto delivered for 3 consecutive months, they will get their day cream for FREE FOR LIFE! As long as they continue to auto deliver the night cream.
3urFree: This means that any preffered customer that has 3 people go to their website and order as a preferred customer the night cream in one calendar month, their next months night cream is FREE & they only pay shipping which is $9.95.
So basically preferred customers have the potential to get BOTH the day cream and the night treatment for FREE and simply pay for shipping! 
I think this is so super cool!
I have never dealt with a company that did this before!
There is A LOT of information over on Debbie’s Facebook page and Website, so head on over and check it out!
Now for the part you guys have been waiting for!
The Giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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