Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cheaper & Healthier Baby Food

   I have never been a huge ingredient reader. I come from a pretty good blood line without a lot of health issues, so I have never had to. That being said, it started to get to me when I was pregnant for the first time. I had to watch what I ate, and check ingredients in foods. In doing this, I realized that I did'nt know what was in a lot of the food I ate, or there was a bunch of added ingredients that I had never heard of. (How many ingredients can there really be in a jar of peanut butter? Mash>stir>jar...right? Wrong. Also, have you ever seen how much sugar is in a jar of baby food!? SUGAR IN BANANAS? Its already sweet! Whyyyyy?
     That's when i decided to make my son's food. I'm not going to be some crazed person that monitors every ingredient he eats for the rest of his life, but as a baby, when hes helpless and just beginning his journey in life, I'm going to make sure I supply him with some healthy foods without weird chemicals and stuffs! I believe I made the right choice, because my son is healthy as an ox. Some days he doesn't like vegetables, some days he doesn't mind at all. My son eats green peas (GROSS!) so i really can't complain. I have done a lot of reading up on baby food and recipes, and I have decided to wait until at least a year to give my son cow milk. He is still breast fed, so I have been introducing plain non-fat yogurt into his diet. Soon I plan to add cheese.

Here are some recipes that I created that seem to do great with him.

Sweet Potato & Yogurt
-Skin potatoes and cut into small chunks & steam. I don't have a steamer so i sit a colander on a pot of boiling water to steam my vegetables.
-Once soft, add 2 parts sweet potato to blender with 1 part yogurt.
-If the blender is not blending well, add some apple juice until desired consistency.

Apple Sauce
As you can see in the picture, the apple sauce is BROWN. When oxygen gets to it, this happens. We all know this. I froze it immediately after making it. It doesn't affect the taste, it just looks a different color. If you're worried about this, you can purchase apple sauce in the jar with no added ingredients other than that to preserve color. Be careful as most applesauce contains a ton of sugar.

Green Peas
Put in blender with some apple juice.

Broccoli & Banana
You can make this with yogurt if you want, I just added banana to make it a little sweeter. This just might be his favorite. 1 part banana to 2 parts Broccoli.

No brainer. My go to for everything.

Carrot & Banana
Same as the Broccoli.

Recipes I want to try:
Mashed Potato & Cheese
Make these same as sweet potatoes. Add in MELTED cheese and blend. Not too much though, as cheese tends to constipate!
Apple & Pumpkin

Store your baby food in single servings. You do not want to keep reheating it. Small servings are better for less chance of waste, as you can always heat up more.
-You can pour your baby food into ice trays and freeze, then add cubes to container once frozen.
For each cube, microwave for 15-20 seconds to serve.
-You can also pour baby food into baby food jars. You can buy some on ebay for pretty good price, or check craigslist. Make sure to always wash them and then boil jars to sterilize them before using. DO NOT FILL TO THE TOP. When you freeze it, it expands so do not fill all the way or you will end up with a cracked jar or a busted lid.
-You can store in small plastic storage containers. Every time i buy a storage container set it comes with a handful of containers so tiny i could probably only store a serving of ketchup inside. Now, I've learned I can use them for baby food! They're perfect.

It is very important to feed your child only ONE new ingredient every couple days to ensure that he or she is not allergic. Please feed responsibly and always consult with the child's doctor/pediatrician before making any drastic changes in diet.

What other baby food recipes would you add?