Monday, November 4, 2013

Ice Cream Magic Product Review

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I had an exciting opportunity to review a product over the weekend. This was the product. The Ice Cream Magic Ice Cream Maker! 

My 6 year old step son was eager to try as well!

This is him reading the directions. They were very simple.
 I did not tell him how to do it, he read it all by himself!

To make the ice cream, you have to add crushed ice, salt, and water into the main part of the product. He was able to do it all on his own while I took pictures. Here he is adding the crushed ice.

Here he is adding the salt!

after adding the salt, water, and ice, he added the ice cream mixture into another chamber separate from the ice.(I pre-made the ice cream mixture)

and now it's time to shake for 3 minutes! I set the timer. 

Check out his shaking in action!
He just could not wait to try this for himself!
 To a 6 year old, creating ice cream from scratch is something to be very proud of.

Here was the big reveal!
(Daddy was also involved in the process)

He was so eager to eat it that he was not interested in smiling for the camera.

My step son loved the product. He loved that he could make it himself.
I love that he could read the instructions on his own, and I could be as hands off as possible.
There's a sense of pride when he doesn't need Mommy Jo's help.

One of the things that I did notice was that it took longer than 3 minutes to create the ice cream. The first time, we shook it for 3-4 minutes. When we opened it, this was the result:
There is a thick layer of ice cream lining the bowl, but the rest was still liquid. 
We scraped all the ice cream that was lining the bowl and shook it a second time, where it turned into ice cream. I think would could have made it a little thicker if we would have stirred and shook a third time, but like I said, the 6 year old was all for eating his ice cream!

Another thing I would have liked to try was fruit like the product recommends, but the bowl is pretty small so I fear that if we added fruit there wouldn't leave any room for the ice cream. I think we would have to add it to the already made ice cream after it's made.

Has anyone else tried this product? I will definitely be using it again. Maybe when the kids are asleep ;)
Next time we plan to add sprinkles to the mix!

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