Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Icon Wall Stickers Review

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I had the Opportunity to do a review for Icon Wall Stickers.

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 I was extremely excited, because I had a blank wall that needed some lovin'! 

You get to choose size && color when ordering from this company! They have more than 35 colors!

The shipping was VERY FAST. I actually didn't know what the package was at first because I wasn't expecting the wall sticker so soon!
 Imagine my surprise when I saw what it was! 

I'm so appreciative that the company took the time to pack the product with such care and add "FRAGILE" labels to ensure it arrived here error-free. They even included a discount paper for my next purchase!

This company boasts about how easy it is to apply these wall stickers. I love a challenge, so I ordered one of the largest Wall Stickers I could get, just to see if this was true!

The directions were very clear. I actually did it by myself while my husband was at work! Here is the first step of putting it on the wall while its still stuck to the wax paper.

Another thing that I noticed was the quality of the product. 
I am guilty of buying the tiny wall decorations from the dollar stores. I tried to move one and shredded it.
I misplaced a portion of this one from Icon Wall Stickers, and grimaced as I slowly tried to remove it to adjust. 
To my surprise, this wall sticker did not show a single hint of ripping or even stretching! I was so pleased.

Another great thing about this product? 
Well, as with anything being applied to a flat surface, you have to smooth out the air bubbles. I was a little nervous that when I went to smooth out the bubbles, I would rip or tear the wall sticker. That DID NOT happen! Its so sturdy! I was also surprised at how easy the bubbles glide right out from underneath the wall sticker!

Here is a picture of the completed project:

Super cute and what a great way to fix an awkward space on a wall!

Oh! Another thing! Just when you thought I couldn't make this process any better. The customer service for this company is AMAZING. I had ONE representative the entire time, she responded to every email very fast, and she was very involved and reassuring in case there was a problem with the sticker -- she even offered to walk me through the application process, step by step! How awesome is that? Customer Service is a big deal to me, and I was very happy to have had her.

Review advice: My only advice is to take your time applying this product. Although it is durable, it is not invincible. This item has adhesive on it that sticks to things. You don't want it to grab anything and become ruined, or possibly ruin what it grabs. If you DO have to unstick it, I recommend removing it very slowly.

Here are some other stickers I saw on their site that I would LOVE to purchase in the future: 


I give this product 5 stars!
I made an account through their website so I can purchase more in the future 
(especially since i get a discount!)


  1. Very cute! I cut some vinyl with my cricket and stuck it to the wall. I'll check out their website!

    1. I would have never thought of that. Definitely check them out --I love that you can choose size and color! Another thing that i love that i didnt mention in the post is that there isn't a clear shiny glare like on the "cheap" versions!

  2. Love the quote you chose for the wall sticker!

    1. Thank you, i think its better to say this sticker chose me! I love the support I got for this post thank you guys for stopping by and taking the time to read and comment! Hoping for a giveaway soon =]