Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lets get our readers back!

Have you read my post on Why Bloggers lack interaction on Social Media?

In there, I wrote this about Facebook:

     Facebook is probably one of the biggest social media headaches to anyone that's had to run a Facebook page (not a personal page). Facebook has made it to where practically NO ONE sees anything that we post! One of my pages has 800 "Likes" and do you know my reach is usually around 48? How upsetting is that? Why bother, right? In attempt to make money off of us, Facebook wants you to pay money to "boost" your posts for more readers to see. My opinion? That would be great to boost it to people that aren't already following your page! There's no reason to have to pay for people that are already following your page to see your posts! There is an option for the reader to view or not view your posts, so why is Facebook deciding? Because of this, I have recently stopped relying so much on Facebook for promoting my posts.
     Another reason you may not be getting interaction is because every time someone likes or comments on something you post, their friends are notified. This discourages your readers from doing anything, because they don't want all their friends to know! If that doesn't make sense to you, let me give you an example:
     From my personal Facebook, I follow a page that posts questions that fans send in needing advice. A fan once asked how long it took postpartum mothers to get their menstrual cycle back. I wanted to offer my personal experiences, but did not because I did not want my co-workers, friends, family and even some acquaintances to be notified that i just wrote about my period! It's not that I'm embarrassed by it, I'm an open book, but I don't want my boss to know if I'm "on the rag" and I don't really care if a bunch of women on a woman's support page do. Read Full Article

     We as bloggers no longer need to depend on Facebook to reach our readers! In my opinion, Google+ is similar to Facebook. It is user friendly and appealing to the eye. At one point everyone had a Myspace and went to Facebook, so why can't we influence those to come to a similar and far better (for bloggers) Social Media outlet? I WILL NOT pay money so that followers of my Facebook page can see its content! Lets get our readers over to Google+ and get our readers back! If we all stick together for this #movement, we can make a difference and start a trend! So many of us have said "We should all stand together and fight this with Facebook!" but how many of us actually have? Now we can DO SOMETHING about this if we all just Team up and stick together! I am not asking you to stop using Facebook. I still post everything to it for the viewers that i can reach. However, a reach of 40 is the most discouraging thing we as bloggers face. All we want is our readers back! There is NO REASON for readers to "Like" our page on Facebook and still not see our posts!

Here are some keys to getting this viral:

1. Mass Participation. This is key. Post this picture (and a link to this post explaining the picture) so everyone knows about this. Post this picture anywhere you can. It will become familiar and get more attention if we all use the same one.

2. Share it at the hops, share it on your facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, bloglovin, and whatever else you can share it on. Share it, Tweet it, Pin it, favorite everything to it to get some eyes on it!

3. Put it on your sidebar!  This button should be on every bloggers page somewhere! When people see it, they will want to know more, and will probably stand with you!

4. Use the hashtags! My reach has exploded using relevant hash tags! You can use any hashtag that you feel is relevant but the most important is #GetThemOnPlus. These work on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and google+ (am i forgetting any?) ..Basically anywhere! use them up!

5. Let everyone know you're part of this and encourage them to stand with you! Beating a dead horse here, but you get the point! Lets get viral!

Here is a great shell to copy and paste to get you started!

"I am getting my readers BACK! I am joining a #movement to get my readers over from Facebook to Google+ so my content can be seen again! Please join me so we can all get our readers back! #GetThemOnPlus"

Grab The Button!


<div align="center"><a href="" target="_blank" title="Down Side Up Mommy"><img src="" alt="Down Side Up Mommy" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Grab The Button!


<div align="center"><a href="" target="_blank" title="Down Side Up Mommy"><img src="" alt="Down Side Up Mommy" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

For larger buttons, feel free to use the one at the top of this post 
(great for using in social media posts).

If you do not have Google + you can sign up HERE
&& you can follow me by clicking the link below!


  1. Wow, you have a very valid point about readers having their friends notified. I've been there, done that on several occasions. I try to share on all platforms, and not rely on Facebook. I actually started posting more on Google+ because it has grown on me. :-)

    1. It grew on me too! I love it! Now if only we can get more folks to join it! I think if Google+ sees that it is "competing" with FB they will make a few more tweaks to better it =]

  2. I don't even have a FB fan page. I just started my blog a couple months ago and it didn't seem like it would be worth the time and effort. I think Facebook dropping on the list of best ways to reach your audience. I really like Google+ and use it regularly. I get a lot of interaction on there. I am guessing because it is mostly other bloggers, but I still find it one of my best outlets! I am totally on the Google+ train with you!

    1. Hi Julia,
      Facebook was so worth it before they started messing with our reach. Now, you can have over 1,000 followers and literally sometimes only 9 folks will see your post. I post to every outlet that I have to reach more people, but I definitely now prefer Google+. The only thing I hope is that Google+ works on its layout so I dont have to scroll so much! It would be great if it was more like Pinterest! That would be awesome!

      Read more:

  3. I am totally with you on this! Your blog is my Featured Blog Of The Week (button on top sidebar) and I used THIS button to display it. I will be sharing why on various social media, too. G+ is the way to go!
    BTW, I have a blog hop that just went live. Why don't you stop by and share this (and other) post?
    Ducks ‘n a Row

    1. THanks so much for the feature, Sinea! I will see about checking it out as soon as i get the time (Do bloggers ever have time?) Make sure to add it to my blog hop directory (top link bar) so others can stop by!