Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Social Scatter Update

The Social Scatter is on Vacation!
I love those of you that love the social scatter.
I love the loyal ones that come back week after week
I love the ones that promote it and talk about it
But for every one of you that do that
Theres 15 that link and run
They dont follow the rules
they get pissed if i send an email telling them to straighten up
they throw temper tantrums, call names and unsubscribe to my emails.
That is fine.
The Social Scatter will not be running for a while...maybe ever.
It takes A LOT of time every week to put together
I wasnt gaining any follows or fans from it
Im tired of being walked all over
If you were on the email list you will be notified when (if) it goes live again.
Thanks again to the loyals fans.