Thursday, April 16, 2015

Braided Spaghetti loaf

I was feeling a little  adventurous tonight. So instead of the typical spaghetti and garlic bread, I was inspired to try a spaghetti loaf. Basically, its spaghetti in the bread. Looked cool, i thought. I should have known i was doomed from the start. I didn't have the fancy bread dough that the recipe called for, and come to find out i didn't have regular spaghetti noodles either. I should have just stopped there...but, by the time i noticed i was out of the typical spaghetti noodles, i had already made some bread dough - from scratch - so, needless to say, i was committed.  I ended up getting the noodles, and I've also learned that my biggest problem was that I was not letting my dough rise long enough or in a warm enough area, so heres to better pictures next time! Please let me know if you had better success than me!

You will need:
Bread dough, i wish i knew how much I used when I made this, but I will update this post with that information the next time I made this.
Spaghetti noodles
1lb hamburger meat, cooked
1 can/jar spaghetti sauce (pictured is some that I made from scratch)
shredded cheese (however much you desire)
garlic salt
1 egg

First, Roll out your dough onto a cookie sheet. I make mine from scratch, but you can buy some already made at the grocery store.

Get your pot of water going for your noodles 
(add noodles once boiling)

 Add shredded cheese and parsley (whichever cheese and amount you prefer)

Brown your hamburger meat on high heat until cooked through
Preheat oven to 350°

Add spaghetti sauce (drain undesired oils/grease from meat first)
I attempted but didnt get it all

Stir on hot (now turned off) eye on stove

Add meat and sauce to drained, full cooked pot of noodles and stir.
Add mixture to your pain of dough, in a thick centered line.
Add desired cheese and oregano

Cut lines (an inch-ish) into surrounding dough
lift dough flaps, and braid them into each other loosely
This does not have to be perfect, but do not pull too tight as the bread needs room to rise when cooking

Brush the top lightly with egg, and add garlic salt if desired

Bake 30-35 minutes

Sorry about the blurry pic! It tastes amazing!

I learned that the key to doing this successfully was to roll the dough out over some foil so that you don't ruin it by transferring it to the cookie sheet, which i didnt know when i first made this, and it was a disaster, more so than in these pictures.

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