Monday, June 22, 2015

Cat's Tongue Review!

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I have recently had the opportunity to try Cat’s Tongue Heavy Duty Cleaning Towels. They are wipes that I would think seem comparable to a Clorox wipe or of another type of disposable wipe, however I have learned that this wipe is very different. The name "Cat's tongue" made me think it was a rough or abrasive wipe. Before i even saw or opened the product, I googled "cat's tongue". This was what I saw:

Yikes! That thing looks like it can remove paint from a car!
I thought this "wipe" must really be something!

So I opened it.

It feels a little rough, but isn't abrasive enough to scratch stuff up. It also has aloe in it, so its easy on the hands.

Then i started to think..What can i possibly clean with this?
I purchased a potty from the store and there was this sticky black gunk all over it from TAPE that was keeping the parts together while it was on the shelf on the store. It was driving me absolutely crazy but I couldn't get it off. I thought if this thing can get THAT stuff off, it can clean anything.


I started scrubbing, and to my surprise, it started coming off!

After a minute or so of wiping, (not scrubbing) it came right off!

Then my husband says
"Hey, I have this gunk in my tackle box that's been there for, I don't know, three years or so..its pretty gross and its nice and baked in from being stored in the heat."

He tried just the right side where it was really caked on and it actually got it clean!

My brother bought a car and it had some nasty thick gunk from the stickers that were on the front and back window. I couldn't help myself:

I know its hard to see, but it got it right off! NO SCRUBBING! Just wiping!

I was so excited. I even went inside. You know how you see a spot on the wall -- you clean it off, and immediately regret it because then you see the thousands of other black spots in your house?
I did that.

Heres one of the doors in my house

Heres another door

This product deserves far more justice than the pics show. I am very impressed with it. I recommend this product and I will definitely be using it in the future.

I don't want to fail to mention a great cause that you will be benefiting when buying this product, so here it is straight from the horse's (cat's?) mouth:

"We are pledging 25% of our proceeds to the Pan Massachusetts Challenge
The PMC is an annual bike-a-thon that raises more money than any other athletic charity in the country. Donations from the PMC alone represent 60% of the revenue of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts.
The PMC is a model of fundraising efficiency, donating 100% of every rider-raised dollar directly to cancer research and treatment since 2007.

Why We Are Doing It

“A key reason we started the company was to establish a platform for giving that went well beyond what the two of us could do, ” said Tom LeBlanc, co-founder. “Our goal is to grow the company so we’ll be able to extend our giving well beyond this one organization to be able to touch the lives of millions around the globe.”

Try it today! Visit their website today!

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