Monday, September 14, 2015

Citrus Clear Multi Product Review!

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I had an awesome opportunity to review not one but THREE products in the Citrus Clear line.

The first one I tried was the acne spot treatment, I never have had an acne problem, but at the time of these pictures I was pregnant and it caused my face to have ONE spot where it stayed broke out. I was pretty anxious to try this out and see how it worked.

From the Citrus Clear website:
"The spot treatment contains salicylic acid to treat existing, prevent future breakouts, and control oily skin. Apply it directly to a pimple or oily areas. Apply it directly to oily skin to remove the shine. It even prevents the formation of blackheads. Contains 100% naturally derived grapefruit extract and vitamin C.This is the best defense against breakouts of acne. Designed for use right on the spot where the acne breakout has occurred, it may be used up to five times per day to clean away the oil, and heal the site of the acne. 

Fresh grapefruit overtone scent, with a natural green tea undertone. 1oz."

This was as simple as dabbing it on. Its small tube is easy to carry in a purse or pocket, too!

Here are my before and afters:

Although it's hard to see in the pictures, it did remove the oil on and around the acne. The appearance didn't seem to lessen for me, however i could feel a difference in that portion of my face.

The next product I tried was the Made From Earth Citrus Fresh Lip Balm

It had a nice smell and it is almost a gloss. I think its a great product to add some shine to your lips as well as antioxidants. This product is also chemical free which is something I think anyone can appreciate. It definitely moisturizes as well. 

Excuse the nose shots, as you can see on the left my lips were a bit dry. The chap stick moisturized them and added some shine!

Some other things that I think are noteworthy about this lip balm are that it contains vitamin E, organic sunflower oil, organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, organic essential oils from oranges, lemons and limes , Organic rosemary extract and organic calendula. i didn't know what calendula was and upon looking it up i learned that it is also known as the marigold! It is rich in antioxidants and as previously stated but worth mentioning again, chemical free.

The last product (and my favorite) that i tried was the pore & blackhead extracting mask.
It has little beads in it, and its more of a thick clay, whereas other products I've tried are more the consistency of mayonnaise. I think this makes it clean a bit better. In my before and afters you can see in my after pic that my face has some shine. The mask removed so much dry skin and oils. I actually think it helped a lot with the patch of acne on the corner of my mouth as well! I felt refreshed and almost as if i had put on a whole new face! Of the three products, this one was my favorite and I have actually come close to running out and plan to order more.

During this review my son was showing a lot of interest. I was playing around with him having some fun. Here are a couple of the pictures. 

Not long after these pictures, I went into labor!

Glad I had a clean face! :D

The aforementioned products can be found at or!

Thanks so much to citrus clear for providing these products to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review! 

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