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I'm Bobbie Jo. I am an Army Soldier turned stay at home mom and [Army] wife. I have 1 son born in 2013 and a step son born 2007. Although I left the Army, my husband continues to serve and will continue to serve until his retirement. Leaving the Army was the best for us to start a family together and I do not regret it one bit.

I have a small business making custom crib bedding. I love the work that I do and do the work that I love. Children are the best. There is no greater feeling than customizing the environment where you and your child will spend so much time.

I am the sole owner and runner of DownSideUpMommy.com. This website was initially for couponing and saving money, but has turned into something so much more. This blog is where i post my thoughts, opinions and creations of food, great products, money saving tips, fitness, and whatever else I think my readers will enjoy. I consider it a scrapbook of sorts to store all things that are a part of my everyday life. I have teamed up with some of the best creators, small business owners, bloggers, money savers, cooks, and mothers that the internet has to offer. I am glad to have them in my blogger social circle.

I am a marathon trainee and plan to run my first marathon summer 2014. I have recently dedicated a page to my journey in hopes of inspiring others that may feel discouraged and unable. Although this page is just beginning, I have great plans for it in the future and expect for it to be something great.

I can be contacted at downsideupmommy@gmail.com with any inquiries or questions! Thanks for reading!

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