What is Ebates?

I came across Ebates in 2011 when i first started out with couponing. Ebates is a website that pays you to shop online.

Let's say you want to buy clothes from Wet Seal. You go to Ebates.com, type in WetSeal.com into their search box, and Ebates will pull up a link to their page, and it will also tell you how much cash back you will receive by shopping on the Wet Seal website! Not only that, but they provide available coupon codes for extra savings!

So lets say you went to Ebates, typed in Wet Seal, and it pops up saying 50% cash back (50% is high, but figuratively speaking...) once you access the wet seal website, lets say you spent $100. Your Ebates account on Ebates.com will be credited with 50% of $100, a whopping $50! It's a great program, they NEVER charge any fees, it's completely FREE.

They can deposit the money into your paypal (my preferred method) or they can send you a check in the mail every so often. I love the program as i shop online A LOT.

New users receive gift cards if they make a purchase through ebates, so go sign up HERE

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